Scientific Session Topics

Accidental introductions of biocontrol agents: positive and negative aspects

Don Weber, USA & Tim Haye, Switzerland

The importance of pre and post release genetics in biological control

Richard Stouthamer, USA & Stephen Goldson, New Zealand

How well do we understand non-target impacts in arthropod biological control?

Mark Hoddle, USA & Roy Van Driesche, USA

Regulation and access and benefit sharing policies relevant for classical biological control approaches

Peter Mason, Canada & Barbara Barratt, New Zealand

The role of native and alien natural enemy diversity in biological control

Tania Zaviezo, Chile & Audrey Grez, Chile

Frontiers in forest insect control

Brett Hurley, South Africa & Simon Lawson, Australia

Biocontrol Marketplace I

Yelitza Colmenarez, Brazil & Srinivasan Ramasamy, Taiwan

Weed and arthropod biological control: mutual benefits and challenges

Hariet Hinz, Switzerland & George Heimpel, USA

Maximizing opportunities for biological control in Asia's rapidly changing agro-environments

Kris Wyckhuys, Vietnam & Yanhui Lu, China

Biological control based Integrated Pest Management: does it work?

Mohamad Roff, Malaysia & Wan Fang-Hao, China

Exploring the compatibility of arthropod biological control and pesticides: models and data

John Banks, USA & John Stark, USA

Successes and uptake of arthropod biological control in developing countries

Ulli Kuhlmann, Switzerland & Matthew Cock, UK

Socio-economic impacts of biological control

Steve Naranjo, USA & Jörg Romeis, Switzerland

Biocontrol Marketplace II

Sunday Ekesi, Kenia & Wai-Hong Loke, Malaysia